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8 Things to Do in Alaska in January

Posted by on December 29, 2016

The holidays are over and life is getting back to normal. Even though it is still cold and dark in Alaska, that’s no reason for you to let cabin fever take over! Whether you’re an Alaska resident or just visiting, check out these 8 Things to Do in Alaska in January!

8 Things to Do in Alaska in January - IdlewildAlaska



FREEzing Winter Wednesdays

Located in the quaint town of Seward, the Alaska Sea Life Center knows how to combat those winter blues. Alaskan residents are invited to the ASLC on Wednesdays from November through February for FREE! This is a great place to visit for adults and kids alike!

Things to Do in Alaska in January - Seward SeaLife Center - IdlewildAlaska

Anchorage Folk Festival

Anchorage Folk Festival is volunteer run organization supporting community folk arts. For the past 27 years, AFF has provided the opportunity and venues has enjoyed the support of the community and local sponsors to host free annual 2-week festival, free workshops, folk week performances, school performances, live music dances, top-notch guest artists, music jams, and more.” Get lots more info on their Facebook page!

Things to Do in Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Folk Festival - IdlewildAlaska

Drink for a Cause

The Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival happens in Anchorage every January and is the largest beer festival in Alaska. 2017 will ring in the 22nd annual festival. With over 300 beers from 75 different breweries, funds raised at this fest benefit the children of Alaska who have diabetes.

Freeze for a Cause

The Polar Bear Jump has been happening in Seward, AK, since 1986. Either in teams or solo, people dress up in crazy costumes and take the winter plunge into the icy Resurrection Bay, but all for a great cause! Crowds are continually drawn to this fun event that raises money for the Alaska Division of the American Cancer Society. (That’s my cousin dressed as a shower scrubbie a few years ago…)

Polar Plunge, Seward, Alaska - IdlewildAlaskaWinter Carnival

In the community of Willow, Alaska, people gather in January for the Willow State Winter Carnival. On the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February, this festival boasts rides, entertainment, great food, crafts booths, prizes and much, much more!

Free Light Show

January in Alaska is full of cold, clear nights, perfect for viewing the breathtaking Northern Lights. Greens, reds, pinks, and purples dance across the night sky in stunning splendor. It’s easy to understand why Native tradition says the Lights are the spirits of children playing across the skies. Where ever you are in AK, head out of town away from the city lights and watch the best light show on earth. (May I suggest the Johnson House Cabin for a romantic getaway to watch the Lights?)

Northern Lights on the Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

It’s a little blurry, but this is over the homestead a few years ago.

The Longest Snowmachine Road Race in North America

Over the border and through the woods, and back over the border, is the town of Haines, Alaska. Accessible by the roads only if you drive through Canada, Haines is the home of the ALCAN 200, the longest snowmachine road race in North America. For you non-Alaskans, snowmachines are what you refer to as “snowmobiles,” not snow-making machines.

Events in January in Alaska - ALCAN 200 Snowmachine Race - IdlewildAlaskaGet Formal in Fairbanks

The Annual 40 Below Ball in Fairbanks is a formal affair. The Ballroom Dance Club hosts this fancy shindig with hors d’oevours, a no host bar, and lots and lots of dancing.


Don’t let Alaska’s cold keep you stuck at home! Go try out these fun things to do in Alaska in January!

8 Things to Do in Alaska in January - IdlewildAlaska


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