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6 Things to Do in Alaska in August

Posted by on July 26, 2017

August is when Alaskan summers are at their best. These days are usually full of sunshine and warmer than the rest of the year. While I can’t promise August will always be like that, I can share these amazing 7 things to do in Alaska in August.

6 Things to Do in Alaska in August - IdlewildAlaska

Things to Do in Alaska in August

Blueberries in Ketchikan

Always happening the first weekend of August, the Blueberry Arts Festival in Ketchikan is a weekend jam packed full of fun! Parades, tons of vendors, a fun run, dance festival, mustache and beard contest, art exhibit, and of course, a blueberry pie eating contest!

Things to Do in Alaska in August - Blueberry Arts Festival - IdlewildAlaska

Running with the Bulls in Palmer

Ok, so its a little different from the Spanish version. Here we run with Musk Ox! Not only is there a kids’ Fun Run 1K, a 5K walk, 5K run, and 10K run, but there will also be live music and great door prizes! Register early!

Things to Do in Alaska in August - Running with the Bulls - IdlewildAlaska

Seafood in Sitka

Be sure to check out the Sitka Seafood Festival! “The Sitka Seafood Festival is a chance to learn about the unique ecosystems of SE Alaska, protect our resources, and celebrate the heritage that sustains our fish and families. True to the heart and soul of the festival, this year’s celebration will include games, competitions, and community gatherings.” *Source



More Blueberries in Girdwood

The Blueberry Festival in the little ski town of Girdwood is a blast. Live music, lots of amazing Alaskan vendors, chairlift rides at the ski resort, a fun run, and yes, another pie eating contest! Be sure to check it out!

Things to Do in Alaska in August - Blueberry Festival - IdlewildAlaska

Mat-Su BBQ Battle in Houston

2017 marks the first year for this new event! The Mat-Su BBQ Battle is bringing amazing BBQ aficionados from all over the State of Alaska to compete for the first place trophy. Happening during Houston’s Founder’s Day celebration on the third Saturday in August, this is sure to be a fun and tasty weekend! Be sure to sign up for People’s Choice so you can have some amazing BBQ and vote for the best! (And yes, Happy Bison will be competing!)

Mat-Su BBQ Battle- IdlewildAlaska

Our State Fair is a great state fair. Don’t miss it!

(Bonus points if you sang that title…)

I really do love our Alaska State Fair. People come from all over the State and even the Lower 48 to enjoy it. Great rides, amazing Alaska-Made vendors, world record sized veggies, farm animals of all kinds, and food… Mmmmmm…. fair food…. The Fair always runs for 14 days, ending on Labor Day. Come on out to the State Fairgrounds in Palmer! (Bonus! Happy Bison will be selling their homemade Grillin’ Sauces and food at the Fair Rodeo this year!)

Be sure to check out the “My Alaska” category for more monthly happenings and save some money with 50 Cheap Things to Do in Alaska all Year ‘Round! What are some of your favorite things to do in Alaska in August?

6 Things to Do in Alaska in August - IdlewildAlaska

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2 Responses to 6 Things to Do in Alaska in August

  1. jilly tamba-nhabay

    I live in the Scottish highlands, nearest I can get to my ‘soul home’ (we all have one I think, even if we have to live elsewhere ). Here in Perthshire is the top place for berry growing in the UK so I love this post ‘specially the first poster , I guess those slugs are the berry’s biggest enemy, I know we suffer here.
    Always love the blog, get to pretend I’m a local !
    Have a great Summer.

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