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The History of Our Home

Posted by on September 5, 2013

I consider myself so very blessed. I’m married to my best friend, live in the most beautiful (I think) state, and live in the cabin of my dreams. Read all about the history of our home!

 An Alaskan Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

This cabin has a lot of family history. My dad started building the original 15’x20’ cabin before mom and he were married. The bedroom was in the loft over the kitchen, the window seat was the couch and the bathroom was outside.

Read all about the History of Our Home - The Alaskan Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

A couple years after the wedding, I came along. My crib was under the stairs and we were cozy. A well was put in to accompany indoor plumbing.

A couple years later, mom, dad and I moved up the mountain to our much bigger home and Grandpa and Grandma moved into the little cabin.

An Alaskan Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

The front porch was enclosed to become the sunroom. A few years later, the 20’x20’ addition was added which included the living room and larger bathroom.

An Alaskan Log Cabin - IdlewildAlaska

Several years after that, a main floor bedroom was the final addition.

Building an Alaskan Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

After the grandparents moved into town, Auntie moved in. Several years later, Auntie moved back to town, and three weeks after the hubby and I got married, we moved in.

We love our little log home and everything about. It’s changed so many times and so many ways over the years. We’re thrilled with the changes we’ve made and the many more to come! Thanks for reading all about the history of our home!

Over the next week or two, I’ll walk you through our many, many renovations we made to the cabin to make it ours. Don’t miss out! Subscribe via your email on the right to stay updated!The History of Our Alaskan Homestead - IdlewildAlaska


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5 Responses to The History of Our Home

  1. Karin M Barker

    Such wonderful memories!

  2. Laura Bowles

    This is a very wonderful way to keep up with you and Mike. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate it. Thank you! Love you guys!

  3. vanessa

    So wonderful ! what luck 🙂

  4. Tammy

    I love seeing the progression of the cabin! I can’t wait to see the renovations. Thanks for sharing your home’s history.

  5. Mary Anne's Alaska

    What a sweet place you have! How wonderful that it has such rich history.

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