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How to have a Lazy Garden in a Cold Climate

I’ll be totally honest with you. My garden is lousy this year. I may be an Alaskan Master Gardener, but with no time to do anything in the garden, there just isn’t much happening with it this year. A good garden can so often be something that is completely out of your hands, so I’ve … Continue reading »

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Best Blogs for Zone 4 Gardening (and colder!)

Zone 4 gardening is a tough gig. The sub-zero temperatures of winter put a big damper on what perennials will survive in your garden or orchard. Stick that Zone 4 in Alaska and you add extra long winter, sunlight ranging from 19+ hours to less than 4 per day, the occasional summer that never gets … Continue reading »

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5 Tools Every Gardener Needs and You Do Too

Do you ever go to the hardware store and stop to drool over all the beautiful, shiny gardening tools? It is so easy to get sucked into the newest tool that will change gardening as you know it, that new tool that will do it all, to fill your garden shed with tools that you … Continue reading »

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Container Planting Corn and Beans

Growing corn can be an iffy thing in Alaska. Too often, the summers just don’t get warm enough. But this year we have hope. Last summer reached well into the 80’s (unusual for here!) and there’s a chance this summer will be warm too. So in hope, we’ve planted a short season sweet corn. To … Continue reading »

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Dreaming of a Permaculture Orchard

I discovered another gardening video the other day, The Permaculture Orchard : Beyond Organic. I bought the downloadable version of the almost 2-hour film and LOVED it. I am now dreaming of not only a Back to Eden garden and a farm stand, but a permaculture orchard as well!   Permaculture is one of those … Continue reading »

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10 Garden Tips for Zone 4

Gardening in Alaska can be quite the feat. Not only are we in the far, frozen north, but the State itself is almost as large as the “Lower 48” put together, hence splitting the State into several gardening zones. Toss in the northern most rain forest, arctic tundra, mountains, hurricane force winds, blizzards, months with … Continue reading »

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Southcentral Alaska Seed Planting Calendar Zone 4

Gardening in Alaska is a special challenge. Granted our long days with lots of sunshine make for growing great veggies, but with an average of three frost-free months, we’ve got to move quickly.   Just like gardeners in the “Lower 48,” January hits and Alaskan start dreaming of spring and their future garden. Seed catalogs … Continue reading »

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Alaskan Companion Planting

Half of the almost 30 year old greenhouse is lying on the ground and four old birch trees lay across the yard (which is better than across the fence, like one was soon after it came down…). The window of time to get things done is rapidly shrinking. I’ve got a huge stack of windows … Continue reading »

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