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Tagged With: survival

Foraging Spruce Tips

I’ve been determined to do more foraging this year. Believe it or not, Alaska wilderness has a lot of food to offer, not just ice cubes and snow cones. One of those treats is spruce tips. There’s a fairly short window for foraging spruce tips. I managed to pick a few right at the end … Continue reading »

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Alaska Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction

I’ve been on a reading kick lately (when I’m not frantically trying to get all the spring chores done). I haven’t so much been in the mood to write, just read – anything and everything I can get my hands on. Between the fiction and non-fiction book reviews to bringing home stacks of books from … Continue reading »

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Aftermath II The Struggle for Independence – Book Review

I’ll admit, there’s perks to being a blogger. Every now and then you get a chance to review a book or product. When Alaskan author LeAnn Edmondson gave me a chance to review her latest book, Aftermath II The Struggle for Independence, I jumped at it. Aftermath II is the second book of the Jimmy … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Self-Sufficiency in Alaska

At any given time, the State of Alaska has enough food in it’s borders to last it’s residents five to seven days.One week at the most. That’s not much. According to the Port of Anchorage Alaska’s website, “An estimated 90% of the merchandise goods for 85% of Alaska’s populated areas pass through our facilities. This … Continue reading »

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Coco’s Herbals Salve and Lip Balm Review

I love finding organic products for my skin, and ones that work! The hubby and I have been working on moving our lifestyle to all organic bit by bit for the past several years. We’re not completely organic, but we’re getting there. When I was asked to do a review on Coco’s Herbals Salve and … Continue reading »

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Homesteading Books Gift Guide

Whether you’re a homesteader or prepper, books are often essential. No or limited electricity? Need a fast reference about birthing a goat? Looking for a how to on knitting? Want to see how they did something in the old days? Find it all here in the Homesteading Books Gift Guide! Any of these would be … Continue reading »

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Interviewing an Old Alaskan

After talking to my grandfather about growing up on a Pennsylvania farm from 1922 until 1950, I switched to┬áinterviewing an old Alaskan. After Grandpa and Grandma married in 1949, Grandpa moved to Alaska in the spring of 1950, looking for work. He left during the winter of ’50/’51 and returned for good in 1952.   … Continue reading »

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Canning Moose Meat

It been pretty busy around here lately. The hubby getting a bull moose during hunting season and processing 900 or so pounds of meat will do that. Between processing, hanging, cutting up roasts, grinding hamburger, etc, etc, we’ve been busy. Last processing job? Canning moose meat.   There’s moose pepperoni hanging and drying in the … Continue reading »

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Being Prepared and a Giveaway

Being prepared and homesteading so often go hand in hand. The hubby and I’s goal in homesteading is being more self-sufficient, which in turn makes us prepared for potential disasters. September is National Preparedness Month. We at the Homestead Bloggers Network decided to help you get prepared with a giveaway!   Alaska is a in … Continue reading »

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Preparing the Homestead For Winter

For most homesteads, life revolves around the seasons. Spring is preparing for summer, summer is keeping up with the weeds, fall preparing for winter, and winter is spent dreaming of summer. Spring is fun and exciting planting seedlings and dreaming of the over-abundant harvest the garden will supply. Fall prepping always seems to be a … Continue reading »

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