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Tagged With: seeds

Planting Onions and Leeks from Seed

Here in south central Alaska, our growing season is fairly short. Planting outdoors usually happens around Memorial Day and harvest happens in early September. Frost tends to follow very soon. So planting onions and leeks from seed happens early and indoors.   Not only do we have to keep our short growing season in mind, … Continue reading »

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Homestead Shopping

So many farms and homesteads have found creative ways to support their ways of life. Farmer’s Markets, farm stands, craft shows, and now a days, thanks to the internet, selling homemade items online, whether it’s through Etsy or their own websites. I love looking through these little stores. You know each item is made with … Continue reading »

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Organic Seeds for Southcentral Alaska

Ah, March, that month of the year that brings warmer temperatures and 4 feet of snow, at least during a typical winter in Southcentral Alaska. And with all that snow and warm temperatures comes spring skiing, spring snowmachining, snowshoeing, etc, etc. All those things that it has just been too cold to do up until … Continue reading »

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