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Tagged With: rustic

A Hygge Home – Decorating for Coziness

On my DIY Blanket Ladder post, I mentioned discovering Danish hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh). It’s all things cozy, warm, happy, friendly, etc. etc. For our dark Alaskan winters, I decided I needed to turn our cabin into a hygge home. Hygge, according to Denmark, is “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life … Continue reading »

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Rustic Cabin Christmas Gift Guide

I love that I live in a log cabin in Alaska. The only way it could get better is if I lived in an even more remote cabin in Alaska. I love the look of cabins, the décor, the coziness, the rustic-ness. all of it. If you have a cabin, want a cabin, know someone … Continue reading »

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Rustic Christmas Joy Sign

Ever since I first saw this rustic Christmas Joy sign, I wanted to make my own.  It took me several years, but I finally got around to it. I found a rough milled piece of lumber in my handy-dandy lumber stack. (This was actually part of the same piece I used for my bear skull … Continue reading »

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Rustic Christmas Tree Skirt

The hubby and I have always referred to all the quirks and oddities and not-quite-professional-finishes of our cabin as “rustic”. The ceiling sheetrock patch isn’t invisible; it’s rustic. One of the entryway tiles sticks up a little further than the others; it’s rustic. The pine wood floors squeak in spots; it’s rustic. Rustic can cover … Continue reading »

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Preparing for Christmas

Every year for many years, my mom’s side of the family has gone to my parent’s house on Christmas Day. Most of the time there were at least 20 people, if not more spread through the house enjoying lots of wonderful food, hilariously loud and crazy board games, a Chinese auction with great gag gifts, … Continue reading »

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