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6 Things to Do in Alaska in May

Ah, May, when Spring in Alaska bursts into Summer. The birch trees have a purple glow and turn green overnight. Little green buds are starting to appear and are full blown leaves before you know it. That threat of fresh snow hasn’t quite left though. I’ve seen fresh snow on the ground as late as … Continue reading »

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Hiking the Chilkoot Trail – Preparation

Total honesty here. At 5’4″ and not too long ago hitting the 202 mark on the scale, I’m out of shape. It’s something I’ve wanted to change (like so many of us) for quite sometime, but the motivation has been lacking. A couple weeks ago, my cousin mentioned a dream of hiking the Chilkoot Trail, … Continue reading »

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Rustic Cabin Christmas Gift Guide

I love that I live in a log cabin in Alaska. The only way it could get better is if I lived in an even more remote cabin in Alaska. I love the look of cabins, the décor, the coziness, the rustic-ness. all of it. If you have a cabin, want a cabin, know someone … Continue reading »

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Alaska Fine Art and Calendar – Just in time for Christmas!

After a long quiet stint on the blog, we return with news! Our little homestead has now branched out and decided start selling Alaska! Well, Alaska Fine Art and Calendar. Alaska is such a photogenic place. It makes it easy to show off! Shortly after we were married, the hubby and I ended up moving … Continue reading »

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7 Romantic Alaskan Getaways

Sometimes life gets a bit stressful and you just need to get away for a bit. Stay-cations are a great way to relax and reset. Not only is this a great list for Alaskans to get out and see more of their great State, but its great for those visiting from far away too! Check out … Continue reading »

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Alaska Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction

I’ve been on a reading kick lately (when I’m not frantically trying to get all the spring chores done). I haven’t so much been in the mood to write, just read – anything and everything I can get my hands on. Between the fiction and non-fiction book reviews to bringing home stacks of books from … Continue reading »

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Alaskan Chinooks

The usual winter storms have settled in over Alaska. For as long as I can remember, it seemed like we always got our first snow (that stuck around) on Halloween. It would be cold for November, and then the Alaskan chinooks blew in and you never knew if we’d have snow for Christmas.   Chinook … Continue reading »

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Interviewing an Old Alaskan

After talking to my grandfather about growing up on a Pennsylvania farm from 1922 until 1950, I switched to interviewing an old Alaskan. After Grandpa and Grandma married in 1949, Grandpa moved to Alaska in the spring of 1950, looking for work. He left during the winter of ’50/’51 and returned for good in 1952.   … Continue reading »

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Foraging for Wild Berries

The hubby and I took the new boat out of Whittier again this weekend. We headed out with some family members in their boats. All three boats ended up having engine issues, which turned it into a long and rather stressful weekend. But I came home happy after foraging for wild berries!   We spent the … Continue reading »

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Boating Around Whittier Alaska

As many of you know, the hubby and I bought a boat.  A beautiful (even though it’s used!) 24′ Bayliner currently christened the “Sea Weasel.” Sea weasel is an Alaskan nickname for sea otters. We took it out of Whittier Alaska for the first time this last weekend. We did a lot of exploring and just … Continue reading »

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