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Tagged With: meat chickens

DIY Chicken Tractor

Last year we raised 15 Cornish Cross meat chickens. I’ll admit, butchering day was tough, but those were the best tasted, totally organic chickens I’ve ever eaten. So this year we decided to up how many we raised. Then Mom asked me to raise a few for them. So this year we’re raising 40 Red … Continue reading »

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Butchering Meat Chickens on the Homestead

***WARNING GRAPHIC CHICKEN BUTCHERING CONTENT*** Homesteading isn’t always roses and daisies. Today found us busy butchering meat chickens on the homestead. As happy as I am to know that we now have 10 completely organic, non-GMO, happily-raised chickens in our freezer, it certainly wasn’t easy.  And no, it did not save us any money. Not yet … Continue reading »

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