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Tagged With: hatching chicks

Your Choice of Chick Brooders for Spring

Ah, Spring. That time of year when fuzzy baby chicks flood the feed stores and chicks go to new homes on impulse buys. I admit- I’ve been known to surprise the hubby with a few new chicks “just because.” But I also knew I had a ready to go chick brooder box for them. Buying … Continue reading »

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Hatching Chicks on the Homestead

The chicks have arrived! This was our first time hatching chicks, and from our own girls at that! We ended up with¬†11 new chicks on the homestead. I was fairly nervous at first and got very little sleep through the whole hatching¬†process. They started hatching on Sunday (day 20) and continued through Tuesday night (day … Continue reading »

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