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Tagged With: greenhouse

A New Roof on the Greenhouse

We finally got a permanent roof on the greenhouse! No more torn up plastic flapping in the wind. The greenhouse looks great and holds in the heat perfectly. Last year, after we built the greenhouse, due to time and money issues, we covered the roof frame with a large sheet of plastic and stapled it … Continue reading »

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Must Have Gardening Books For Cold Climates

Gardening in Alaska isn’t easy. For one thing, the State is huge. Lay it over the United States and it reaches coast to coast. So we cover a lot of gardening zones. Down in the southeast, our State capital, Juneau, gets an average of 62.24 inches of rain every year. Up on the north coast, … Continue reading »

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DIY Metal Raised Beds

Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few different kind of raised beds built in greenhouses; plywood boxes, treated lumber boxes, even old bathtubs covered in wood. With each, I had a few issues. Plywood will eventually rot and fall apart. I don’t like the idea of whatever they used to treat the lumber so … Continue reading »

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Recycled Greenhouse

My “new” recycled greenhouse has been a year in the making. I knew roughly what I wanted, but the plan has changed and changed again so many times, I’m fairly distant from that original idea. I knew I wanted to use recycled windows. Thank you, Craig’s List! I started collecting last year and first scored … Continue reading »

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