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Homesteading Books Gift Guide

Whether you’re a homesteader or prepper, books are often essential. No or limited electricity? Need a fast reference about birthing a goat? Looking for a how to on knitting? Want to see how they did something in the old days? Find it all here in the Homesteading Books Gift Guide! Any of these would be … Continue reading »

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A Death on the Homestead

Late Tuesday night, our sweet Gurda passed away due to complications from an injury she got on Sunday afternoon. Even though we did everything we could, it was just too much for her. There’s nothing quite like a death on the homestead to make you open your eyes to the good and bad of this … Continue reading »

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Everything You Need to Know About Breeding, Birthing, Milking, and Caring for Goats

As most of you know, we’ve leapt with both feet into the world of goat ownership. The most interaction I’ve ever had with a goat prior to this was petting them at the State Fair. But how hard can it be, right? Yeah, sure. I’ve been reading like a mad person and discovering just how … Continue reading »

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