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Hardy Perennial Flowers for Alaska Part Two

Snapdragons, nasturtiums, marigolds, sweet peas, pansies, and so much more. Flowerbeds can be beautiful even in the short Alaskan growing season. But the cost of replacing annual flowers every spring adds up fast and can often push your garden over budget, not to mention all that replanting is a lot of work. I think I’ll … Continue reading »

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Hardy Perennial Flowers for Alaska Part One

At the moment, the homestead is severely lacking in flower beds. There’s one still trying hang on, but it’s full of grass and has been for many years. I’d love to add more, but the main focus for the past couple years has been veggie production. Knowing that veggies will always be our main focus, … Continue reading »

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Container Planting Corn and Beans

Growing corn can be an iffy thing in Alaska. Too often, the summers just don’t get warm enough. But this year we have hope. Last summer reached well into the 80’s (unusual for here!) and there’s a chance this summer will be warm too. So in hope, we’ve planted a short season sweet corn. To … Continue reading »

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Everyone has a Crazy Chicken Story

Every “crazy chicken lady” has a crazy chicken story of one kind or another. If you’ve had chickens for any amount of time, they seem to manage to get up to one crazy antic or another. I’ve had my fair share of weird chicken dreams, waking up in a cold sweat worried that I forgot … Continue reading »

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The Made from Scratch Life Book Review

One of the lovely things about winter in Alaska, especially for a homesteader who is so very busy in the summer, is that you have lots of time to read. Cozy in front of the woodstove with a cup of tea with a good book – a perfect evening. I got to do a book … Continue reading »

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Planting Onions and Leeks from Seed

Here in south central Alaska, our growing season is fairly short. Planting outdoors usually happens around Memorial Day and harvest happens in early September. Frost tends to follow very soon. So planting onions and leeks from seed happens early and indoors.   Not only do we have to keep our short growing season in mind, … Continue reading »

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Gardening Like a Ninja Book Review

One of the things I love most about my neighborhood is the fact that there is no home owners association. No fees, no rules, no zoning. I can plant what I want where I want. For those who live in neighborhoods with HOAs, you just might need to try Gardening Like a Ninja.   My … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Self-Sufficiency in Alaska

At any given time, the State of Alaska has enough food in it’s borders to last it’s residents five to seven days.One week at the most. That’s not much. According to the Port of Anchorage Alaska’s website, “An estimated 90% of the merchandise goods for 85% of Alaska’s populated areas pass through our facilities. This … Continue reading »

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Homesteading Books Gift Guide

Whether you’re a homesteader or prepper, books are often essential. No or limited electricity? Need a fast reference about birthing a goat? Looking for a how to on knitting? Want to see how they did something in the old days? Find it all here in the Homesteading Books Gift Guide! Any of these would be … Continue reading »

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Interview with a Farmer Part Two

How often do you get an interview with a farmer who’s almost 100 years old? Granted, my grandpa hasn’t worked a farm since 1949, but he’s still a wealth of information!     Read part one of the interview HERE. Interview With a Farmer Part 2 Born in 1922, my grandfather grew up on a … Continue reading »

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