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Tagged With: fishing

Foraging for Wild Berries

The hubby and I took the new boat out of Whittier again this weekend. We headed out with some family members in their boats. All three boats ended up having engine issues, which turned it into a long and rather stressful weekend. But I came home happy after foraging for wild berries!   We spent the … Continue reading »

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Free Organic Fish Fertilizer for the Garden

One of my favorite books growing up was a book about Squanto, the American Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to garden. I loved that book and read it many, many times. I’ve never forgot how he taught the Pilgrims to plant corn. Following his advice, I used free organic fish fertilizer in the greenhouse. … Continue reading »

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Northwoods Lodge Alaska

This was one of the best Fourth of July weekends we’ve ever had! My aunt and uncle are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year, and they decided to celebrate by renewing their vows. The best part? They decided to do it at their Alaskan fishing lodge, Northwoods Lodge. Guiding once-in-a-lifetime fishing trips since 1986, … Continue reading »

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Chitina Alaska Pictures – Part Three

The Copper River dip netting area is accessed through the little town of Chitina Alaska. It’s a very small, but very old town. Copper ore was discovered in 1900 in the northern part of the valley and both prospectors and homesteaders moved in.   The railroad came to Chitina in 1910, which also helped the … Continue reading »

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Copper River Alaska Pictures, Part Two

Finally got my film developed with more Copper River, Alaska pictures! Yes, film. Yes, I still have a 35mm and love it! I have some really nice zoom lenses with it, while the digital, which I also love, has just the one lens (so far!) The mountains surrounding the Copper River canyon are amazing. Steep, … Continue reading »

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Copper River Alaska Pictures, Part One

Sorry I disappeared for a while. Well… sorta. We went fishing 🙂 It was our annual trip to the Copper River, a four hour drive from home. We left Friday night after work and set up camp as soon as we got there. It rained all night. After getting an okay night’s sleep, we got … Continue reading »

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10 Insane Alaskan Facts (But all true!)

I love Alaska. Wasn’t I blessed to be born in my favorite state? We’re our own breed up here, and to many people, a whole other world. Enjoy these 10 insane Alaskan facts.   Combat Fishing – We fight for our fish!   Yes, combat fishing is a real thing. A friend of mine from … Continue reading »

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