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Homemade Carolina Barbecue Deviled Eggs

Ah, Spring, when eggs flow abundantly and barbecue season is beginning. Deviled eggs are such a wonderful, easy side dish for barbecue get togethers and picnics. I’ve tried so many different recipes over the years, but I do believe I finally came up with my favorite – Carolina Barbecue Deviled Eggs. Peeling boiled fresh eggs … Continue reading »

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Making Money on the Homestead – Cottage Laws

There are so many ways to make money on the homestead, which is great, because so many homesteaders are striving to be independent and off the grid, not tied down to the “rat race” in any way. One of the most common is through “Cottage Laws,” which enables the sales of homemade food goods. Cottage … Continue reading »

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Delicious Homemade Potato and Leek Soup

I love Julia Childs. She’s my cooking hero. She’s way too much fun to watch on TV. But when it comes to her potato and leek soup recipe, “simmer the vegetables for 40 to 50 minutes until vegetables are tender”, ain’t nobody got time for that. I like quick, home-after-a-long-day of work recipe instead. I … Continue reading »

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28 Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

It seems these days, no matter how off the grid or self-sufficient you are, you still need money. While the hubby and I still have full time jobs, we dream of the day that we will be more self-sufficient and be able to work for ourselves only. As a start, we do what we can … Continue reading »

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Cooking from Scratch is Scary

Cooking from scratch is scary, or at least I used to think so. I’ve often told the hubby that I married him because he can cook (he used to cook in restaurants.) I can bake. I’ve been baking since my early teens and my mom decided at that point I was the house baker (except … Continue reading »

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Homemade Steamed Dumplings

Quite a few years ago, I got to visit a friend of mine who was teaching at a university in China, outside of Beijing. I spent the week with her and her students. We went to museums, saw the sights around the city, and walked on the Great Wall of China (a dream come true!), … Continue reading »

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Cream of Asparagus Soup

I was the typical kid who thought asparagus was yucky. Slimy green stuff was not meant to be eaten. Now, I love it, especially grilled on the BBQ. Yum. Tonight, I made Cream of Asparagus Soup. I now have a second favorite way to eat asparagus. Cream of Asparagus Soup 2 medium potatoes (I used … Continue reading »

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Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce

The hubby texted me the other day while he was at Costco. They had organic peaches on sale. Did I want any? I had him get me two cases of beautiful, sweet, organic, white peaches. I ate a couple for lunches at work, but I knew I had to do something with them before they … Continue reading »

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Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

As crazy busy as we’ve been lately, we’ve come to love easy pasta dinners. Our tomato plants are no where near producing tomatoes yet, so we’re still eating canned, but we do have fresh basil! Our lovely little basil start is doing wonderfully! It’s been the only herb we’ve been adding to the homemade pasta … Continue reading »

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Cinco De Mayo Fajitas

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (and because I had a cheap cut of steak that needed to be eaten) I decided to make fajitas. I’ve never made fajitas before, and to keep in that mind frame, I decided to use my cast iron skillet, which I’ve only used once before. THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!! I … Continue reading »

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