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Your Choice of Chick Brooders for Spring

Ah, Spring. That time of year when fuzzy baby chicks flood the feed stores and chicks go to new homes on impulse buys. I admit- I’ve been known to surprise the hubby with a few new chicks “just because.” But I also knew I had a ready to go chick brooder box for them. Buying … Continue reading »

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28 Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

It seems these days, no matter how off the grid or self-sufficient you are, you still need money. While the hubby and I still have full time jobs, we dream of the day that we will be more self-sufficient and be able to work for ourselves only. As a start, we do what we can … Continue reading »

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The A to Z of a New Homestead

Homesteading has so many different aspects. No one homesteader does it all, and that’s okay. So many of us add a little bit every year, whether it is making a new food from scratch, or a new animal on the homestead, or working towards moving off-grid. Homesteading is always working towards self-sufficiency in one aspect … Continue reading »

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DIY Chicken Tractor

Last year we raised 15 Cornish Cross meat chickens. I’ll admit, butchering day was tough, but those were the best tasted, totally organic chickens I’ve ever eaten. So this year we decided to up how many we raised. Then Mom asked me to raise a few for them. So this year we’re raising 40 Red … Continue reading »

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10 Things I Stopped Buying From the Store

As homesteaders, the hubby and I share the goal of becoming more and more self-sufficient. The less we have to rely on the grocery store and the barge system bringing things from the Lower 48, the better. Over the past three years, our grocery store list has shrunk. Check out these 10 things I stopped … Continue reading »

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If You Give a Girl a Chicken

If you give a girl a chicken,   She’s going to want a cute chicken coop. When you give her the coop, she’ll probably ask you for some chicken feed. When she’s finished, she’ll ask you for some wood shavings for bedding. Then she’ll want to look in the mirror to make sure she doesn’t … Continue reading »

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DIY Folding Chick Brooder

As much as I love backyard chickens and chicks, we don’t always have chicks on the homestead, thus don’t need a brooder box all the time. It took some thinking, but I finally came up with a design that works perfectly for us. Behold, the DIY Folding Chick Brooder.   Over the years, I’ve had … Continue reading »

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Instant Organic Fertilizer for the Garden

Its still a little too cold here in Alaska to plant my tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse. However, while I wait for spring to warm up a bit more, I now have time to give the soil in my greenhouse a nice boost. I’m going to use homemade instant organic fertilizer for an amazing … Continue reading »

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Everyone has a Crazy Chicken Story

Every “crazy chicken lady” has a crazy chicken story of one kind or another. If you’ve had chickens for any amount of time, they seem to manage to get up to one crazy antic or another. I’ve had my fair share of weird chicken dreams, waking up in a cold sweat worried that I forgot … Continue reading »

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Egg Recipes When You’ve Got Too Many Eggs

Ah spring, when seedlings are started, it snows in Alaska, and the chickens are laying eggs like crazy. I’ve got 5 dozen eggs in fridge ready to sell and two more dozen on the kitchen counter, and I still need to collect eggs today. I think it’s time to break out the eggs recipes when … Continue reading »

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