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My EarthWay Garden Seeder

Posted by on June 6, 2015

I got an EarthWay Garden Seeder for Christmas this last year, and this spring, I finally got to put it to use.


My EarthWay Garden Seeder - IdlewildAlaska

My mom told me about one my uncle has last spring, and I loved the idea of something that I would just roll along and it would plant my seeds, perfectly spaced for me. No more cringing while thinning carrots or lettuce, wishing the seeds weren’t going to waste.


My darling hubby saw it on the top of my Christmas list and made sure I got one of my own. Since we had a while between Christmas and planting season, we decided to keep it in the box and wait to put it together.

EarthWay Seeder - IdlewildAlaska

Fra-gi-le, must be Italian.

It was pretty easy for me to put together. The instructions weren’t the best, but I muddled through fairly quickly.

EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder - IdlewildAlaska

A garden seeder is a great concept. It looks a lot like a mini plow. Put all your seeds in the bucket (hopper), it plows a small furrow, the seeder drops the seeds evenly, the chain that drags covers the seeds back over, and the back wheel packs the dirt down lightly. There’s a little arm that sticks out that marks your next row.

I got to use an antique version on the local farm where I’m working. Metal wheels, metal seed bucket, and wooden handles. I love the concept, but the antique version was pretty hard to control. It was heavy, but it worked perfectly. I did like the option of removing the seed hopper, but my EarthWay doesn’t have that option. The EarthWay, however, is nice and light and easy to haul around.

EarthWay Seeder - IdlewildAlaska

My EarthWay has a kickstand, which I love. It makes it so much easier pouring in the seeds and not losing them all over the ground as the seeder tips over. (The boss and I just may have had an issue with this on the antique one and a hopper full of radish seeds…)



For the different kinds and size seeds, there are different seeds plates that go in the seed bucket. The EarthWay ones are very easy to change out, and they’re clearly marked for what seeds each plate is for.

Seeder Seed Plates - IdlewildAlaska

I also like the next row marker. The antique version also had a row marker, but it was stuck at one distance out, about 18 inches. The marker on my new version is easily adjusted to any distance for your next row mark. It is also easily clipped up out of the way when you don’t need it.

The only thing I really don’t like about my seeder, is the fact that it only works well if there are a LOT of seeds in the hopper. This may effect what I plant with the seeder next year, but we’ll see. I will still be using it for, at the very least, my carrots, radishes, and kale.

IdlewildAlaska June Garden - IdlewildAlaska

Overall, I’m very happy with my EarthWay Garden Seeder. I plan on getting a lot of use out of it over the next many, many years.

Want to buy one for your garden? Get it here!
Do you have a seeder? How’s it work for you?


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7 Responses to My EarthWay Garden Seeder

  1. Natasha

    What a nifty gadget! I could see this being really useful if you have a large garden plot.

  2. Kristi Trimmer

    I love a good garden seeder as it definitely helps not kill your back every planting season. I too wish they made it so it could handle just a dozen or so seeds instead of hundreds. Looks like your hubby did great in the gifting department!

  3. LauraOinAK

    If we ever get to where we are gardening again, this would be SO helpful. Sadly, our mountain side soil isn’t wanting to work with us at the moment so we just keep amending it in hopes of planting in the future.

  4. laura sampson

    Does it make sense for a small garden plot or one with short rows? I like the idea of not breaking my back. And having evenly spaced carrots would make it totally worth it

    • IdlewildAlaska

      I used for my long and short rows. It’s easy enough to maneuver to use for short rows, but it comes back to the issue of needing to have lots of seeds in the hopper for it to really work.

  5. theresa

    I need land like this to plant and grow all my own foods. That would be a dream.

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