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Hunting the Denali Highway Alaska

Posted by on September 8, 2014

The hubby and I headed up to our family’s cabin on the Denali Highway looking for a moose and/ or caribou to add to the freezer for the coming winter months. I’ve been driving the long 5 hour drive to the cabin since I was very young. I love this area more than any other part of Alaska; I always have and always will. A slow hike in my Hunting Boots always brings me to a peaceful calm state, I love it out here.

Hunting on the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

We were a little early for the caribou, and we saw a few cow moose (not legal for hunting). We saw one bull moose, but lost him in the dense woods. Good news is the season isn’t over yet. The hubby is thinking about going back up over the weekend to see what he can find. So we still have a few options for filling the freezer. One thing is for sure, next time we will get a stand alone laser rangefinder and map out distances so we don’t ever have to again.

We still had a great time up there. I love it so much. The weather was beautiful (for the most part), and I got a lot of great pics. Enjoy!

Driving to the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

Heading up.

Alaska Railroad - IdlewildAlaska

We passed the train on our way up.

The Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

Exploring the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska's Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

Fresh Fall Snow - IdlewildAlaska

It snowed on us the second night, but only stuck to the tops of the mountains.

Alaska Snow - IdlewildAlaska

Denali Alaska Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

Hunting Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Panoramic Alaska

Like I said, I love this area. I can’t wait to get back up next summer. Subscribe below to keep seeing pics of our Great State!

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7 Responses to Hunting the Denali Highway Alaska

  1. nina entrekin

    Great photos! So beautiful!!!

  2. Megan

    So gorgeous. All this does is remind me that I need a vacation.

  3. Jenna @ A Savory Feast

    Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! Alaska is near the top of the list of places I want to go soon. I need to plan a trip!

  4. Jamie

    oh my gosh…. I’m going to come back every few days to just look at those photos. Seriously beautiful!

  5. Jessica

    wow how beautiful! I would love to see Alaska someday!
    Jessica from Sparkles and Glue thanks for linking up!

  6. Theresa Lindamood


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