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Homesteading Books Gift Guide

Posted by on December 7, 2015

Whether you’re a homesteader or prepper, books are often essential. No or limited electricity? Need a fast reference about birthing a goat? Looking for a how to on knitting? Want to see how they did something in the old days? Find it all here in the Homesteading Books Gift Guide! Any of these would be perfect for that homesteader or prepper on your list!


Homesteading Books Gift Guide -


How-To’s are a must for every homesteader. Animal guides, gardening methods, recipes for canning, etc.

For pretty much every kind of farm animal, Storey’s Guide is for you!


I actually haven’t read this one, but it’s been highly recommended.

I found this one at our local library and loved it! Full of all kinds of useful tips!

What homesteader doesn’t own a copy of the Foxfire books? They’re a must!

A fellow homestead blogger wrote this one – it’s a must for anyone with chickens!

LOVE this book! Eliot Coleman has brought a whole new level to cold weather gardening!


Between these two canning books, I’ve got everything I need for ever canning recipe!

I’d have no garden without my Alaska Gardening Guide!

The Boreal Herbal is about foraging all around the world near the Arctic Circle, very handy for us northerners!


The Gardening Notebook is the ultimate gardening tool. This printable notebook has over 120 pages of


On the Job

Know someone looking to turn their homesteading into a little something more? These books are a great place to start!

LOVE Farm to Market Handbook! Full of all kinds of useful ideas and how-to’s.

Born-Again Dirt is all about farming to the glory of God – an excellent read!

Any and all of Joel Salatin’s books should adorn every farmer and homesteader’s bookcase!

Another great one for making some money from the farm!

Homemade for Sale guides you through the maze of cottage laws and setting up a food business from your home kitchen.



Love homesteading stories? Stories of the farm? These would be great gifts!

Both Rural Free and Little Heathens are full of stories about growing up farms.


Montana Women Homesteaders and Letters of a Woman Homesteader are both full of letters from woman homesteaders back in 1800’s.

Who doesn’t love the Little House on the Prairie Series?

Another book full of letters home by a woman homesteader, known as Bachelor Bess.



Looking for Alaska in particular? Here’s how to homestead and stories of those who have braved Alaska.

The Alaska Homesteader’s Handbook is full of how-to’s and stories of homesteading life in the Last Frontier. (Including one from my neighbor!)

One Man’s Wilderness is the ultimate Alaskan homesteader. The book’s are Dick Proenneke’s journals. Don’t forget the DVDs that go along with it!

Bonnie chronicled her and her husband’s homesteading journey in Alaska beautifully!

Arctic Daughter is an amazing story of a young couple foraging deep into the Alaskan wilderness and creating a life from nothing!


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Homesteading Books Gift Guide - IdlewildAlaska

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