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25 Gifts for Tough Homesteading Ladies

Posted by on November 22, 2017

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a fan of pink, painting my nails, makeup, cutesy knick-knacks, or chick flicks. So when I look at those “best Christmas gifts for women” lists, there really isn’t much on them I’d actually want to receive for Christmas. I’m just not a girly-girl. I’d rather have more practical gifts that help me out around the homestead or enjoy life in Alaska. So listen up, guys, here’s the list of gifts for tough homesteading ladies – the stuff they really want! (Especially those in cold climates!)

25 Gifts for Tough Homesteading Ladies - IdlewildAlaska

Gifts for Tough Homesteading Ladies

When I turned 21, my dad bought me a Stihl chainsaw. It’s 14″ blade and great for chores around the homestead!

I’d be lost without my Miter saw. I use it for almost all our building projects! The jig saw is a must for touching up the small projects.ย And of course, my sander gets a lot of use in all those wood working jobs!



My brother-in-law bought me a small power drill last summer and I love it. It’s battery operated, light weight, and fits my hand perfectly, and yet strong enough to do any job.

I love my Smart Wool. Their pullovers are warm and cozy and look good whether you’re working outside or headed into town.

Insulated Carhartt coveralls that actually fit. Seriously. No more borrowing the hubby’s pair that are just way too big!

When it’s really, really cold outside (I’m talking -40!), nothing beats fur. Beaver hats and gloves are AMAZING and will keep you warm!

It’s that time of year that I’m now living in my lined pants and jeans. So cozy!

For getting chores done around the homestead, I live in my Carhartt work gloves. They’re insulated, but not too thick that I can’t get a grip on anything, and my favorite part, they actually fit my small hands!

Bogs are great work boots for around the homestead. They’re just girly enough to appeal to the girly side, but work hard too. They’re warm enough for the not-quite-freezing seasons and will keep your feet nice and dry.

Snowshoes are a wonderful gift for every family member both for getting chores done on deep snow days, running a trapline, winter hunting, or just winter hiking! (The hubby and I went snowshoeing on our first date!)

Books are always a wonderful Christmas gift. Whether they’re about homesteading skills, Arctic living, or homesteading/ survival stories- I love them all! (Check out my Homesteader Book Gift List and Alaska Book Gift List!)

Yarn or a gift card to a specialty yarn store is a wonderful gift for any knitter or crocheter! (This also works for fabric and crafts!)

For those who make or are wanting to make their own soaps, a soap cutter would be a great gift!

An Excalibur dehydrator is an amazing gift! Even if she already has a dehydrator, she won’t mind the upgrade!

Excalibur Dehydrator - IdlewildAlaska

If she’s a canner or wanting to start preserving, a hot water bath canner or pressure canner is a must! Already has a pressure canner? Consider upgrading to an All-American! Those babies are amazing!

I adore my cozy slippers that have rubber soles. Warm and cozy for inside, but enough of a sole to wear out on the front porch when getting more firewood.

A couple pairs of thick wool socks are a must. Believe me, those tough homesteading ladies can’t have too many! These make great stocking stuffers!

Every girl needs her own multi-tool. Whether it’s an actual Leatherman or another brand, they’re a must around the homestead! (Have you seen these snowflake multi-tools? I kinda want one of those too!)

Snowflake Mutli Tool - IdlewildAlaska

I’m a coffee snob. I freely admit it. A bag of locally roasted Kaladi Brothers coffee beans is a wonderful Christmas gift for me!

Every homesteader should have at least one, if not all of Joel Salatin’s books in their library. Even if you don’t have cows, pigs, or chickens, there’s so much to learn from every single one of his books!



So this is about as girly as I get, but Crunchy Balm would be a wonderful stocking stuffer! This lotion is all I use on my face and I love it! This grass-fed tallow balm is so luxurious! Even with Alaska’s negative humidity winters, this balm keeps my skin feeling wonderful! (There are several other products of theirs that I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but I’m sure I’d love them all!)

When you live in a cold climate that gets lots of snow, a snowmachine (or snowmobile as they say in the Lower 48) is a must! I absolutely love my Ski-doo Expedition! Not only is it a total work horse able to tow up to 3000 pounds, but it’s a dream to ride. Nice and smooth and I’m not complaining about those heated grips!

Skidoo Expedition - IdlewildAlaska

Have you ever been in a hot tub when it’s below freezing outside? It’s a wonderful experience, especially when the Northern Lights are dancing overhead. Ok, so maybe I do have a bit of a girly side… I would love to have one of these fire heated hot tubs in my yard!

What gifts for tough homesteading ladies are you getting this year? Need more ideas? Check out the shop at Rootsy!

Ladies, need some help for that rugged man in your life? I’ve got a gift guide for him too!)

25 Gifts for Tough Homesteading Ladies - especially for those in cold climates! - IdlewildAlaska

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7 Responses to 25 Gifts for Tough Homesteading Ladies

  1. Robin

    That multi tool is great. I’m going to get one for myself and both daughters. I’m always happy to receive quality cookware that will last the rest of my life. I’m don’t need instant pots and rice cookers but give me a rugged piece of cast iron I can use in the kitchen, on the wood stove, or in the woods and I’m a happy homesteader. Great article!

  2. Deborah

    Thank you for the great information. Shared.

  3. Laurel

    Living in Sydney, Australia; I am amazed by this list (and the other Christmas wish lists). However, I loved that yarn made it onto your list – it was your beautiful hooded scarf patter that took me to your blog.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and I hope that Santa brings you at least a few of the items you are wishing for.

    I look forward to reading more of your down-to-earth stories about your wonderful life.

  4. Jo Rellime

    I shared your post to my Ohio Homesteaders & Gardeners group and one of my members said “Man, I already have everything I’d want on this list lol. I’m surprised I didn’t see anything about three more goats… ๐Ÿ˜” I replied with “Oh my gosh! I will msg the author (friend of mine) and tell her to get that ADDED to her post stat! Yes, three more goats!” LOL! Add the goats! And maybe 12 more chickens!

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