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Gardening Like a Ninja Book Review

Posted by on February 14, 2016

One of the things I love most about my neighborhood is the fact that there is no home owners association. No fees, no rules, no zoning. I can plant what I want where I want. For those who live in neighborhoods with HOAs, you just might need to try Gardening Like a Ninja.


Gardening Like a Ninja Book Review - IdlewildAlaska

My grandparents live in an HOA neighborhood. When grandma wants to put in a new flower bed, she has to ask permission. New patio? Show the HOA the design first. Put in a garden to grown your own food? Nope. Not in this neighborhood. So getting sneaky is a must. Thanks to Angela England of, being a gardening ninja is much easier.

Gardening Like a Ninja is a great book for every gardener, HOA or not.

Gardening Like a Ninja Break Down

Part 1 covers the benefits of sneaking edibles into your landscaping. So many edibles are not only tasty, but beautiful too. Makes it easy to sneak them onto your flower bed with no one the wiser. Beauty and dinner!


In Part 2, Angela shares her own designs for gardening like a ninja. Pictures, design layouts, and planting suggestions. The watercolor illustrations by Wendy Piersall throughout Part 2 are beautiful.

Part 3 goes into an excellent list of plants for your ninja garden. Veggies, fruits, herbs, trees, bushes, she covers it all. Each plant section covers botanical info, a growing guide, potential disease and pests, how to use, and recommendations. Thanks to this list, I’ve added some potentials to my landscape, even here in zone 4!

I love gardening books. No matter how many you have, there’s always more to be learned in other books. There’s lots to be learned on the internet, but nothing replaces having the written knowledge on hand. I think I just may have to get grandma a copy for her bookshelf.

Get your copy today!


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