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Make your own DIY Blanket Ladder

Posted by on January 3, 2017

I recently discovered the concept of “hygge,” the Danish concept. Pronounced “hooga,” this doesn’t quite have an English translation, is roughly close to “coziness,” but means so much more. Hygge is “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” A big way to achieve this in your home is lots and lots of candles. While I’m adding candles to help combat our dark Alaskan winters, I also pulled out all our extra blankets to have handy on a chilly night. I decided I needed a nice way to store/ display them, so I made a DIY blanket ladder.

DIY Blanket Ladder - Make your home hygge - IdlewildAlaskaI’ve always loved the look of blanket ladders. Rustic, but functional and so easy to make your own! I’ve seen them made out of old wooden ladders or even branches. I considered making mine out of branches, but after a quick look through my scrap wood pile, I found perfect pre-finished wood for the job.



DIY Blanket Ladder Materials and Tools

Two 1″x4″ x 6′ long boards

1″ dowel, 60″ long

Stain of your color choice if using unfinished wood

Miter saw (a jig saw or circular saw will work too, although a miter saw is much easier)

Drill and 1″ drill bit


If using a miter saw, lay your two 1×4″ boards on top of each other, making sure the ends are even. Cut one end at a 15 degree angle, leaving the boards as long as possible. This will help the ladder to lean against the wall when done. If using a circular or jig saw, cut the boards one at a time.

Cut the dowel into 15″ lengths.

Drill 1″ holes into the 1×4″ ladder sides at 14.5 inch intervals. I drill the holes all the way through the side boards, just to make it easier. You can drill only part way through and the end product will be sturdier. It’s up to you.

Make your own DIY Blanket Ladder - IdlewildAlaskaIt’s easiest to stain/ finish all the parts now prior to assembling. Be sure to allow everything to dry completely before finishing.

Insert the dowels into the sides. If you’re happy with the fit of everything, take it apart and reassemble, using wood glue at each joint. Be sure to wipe any glue drips right away. Be sure the glue is completely dry before you hang any blankets on it!

Hang up your coziest blankets and enjoy!

DIY Blanket Ladder for a Hygge Home - IdlewildAlaska


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One Response to Make your own DIY Blanket Ladder

  1. Linda

    I LOVE this idea! We currently have a lovely old wicker basket that we roll our blankets up in. It looks lovely, but is a lot of maintainence by me! This would solve that problem for sure!

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