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Copper River Alaska Pictures, Part Two

Posted by on June 30, 2014

Finally got my film developed with more Copper River, Alaska pictures! Yes, film. Yes, I still have a 35mm and love it! I have some really nice zoom lenses with it, while the digital, which I also love, has just the one lens (so far!)

The mountains surrounding the Copper River canyon are amazing. Steep, still catching fresh snow on the peaks, and waterfalls fly down the sides to the rushing river below. Even if we don’t catch any fish, (although I’m glad we did) I love going for just the views. They never get old.

Fishing Copper River Alaska - IdlewildAlaska


Copper River Alaska Pictures Part 2 - IdlewildAlaska

For a bit of perspective, the boat at the bottom of the cliff holds about 6 people.

Copper River Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

There was fresh snow on these mountains that morning.

Fish Copper River - IdlewildAlaska

It was cloudy that morning, but cleared up beautifully.

Copper River - IdlewildAlaska

Love these mountains.

Copper River Waterfall - IdlewildAlaska

One of the many waterfalls across the river.

I took so many pics this trip. There’s lots more to come! Click here for Part One! Subscribe below so you don’t miss a single one!

Click HERE for Part Three! See the entire collection of pictures and more on the IdlewildAlaska Facebook Page HERE!


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5 Responses to Copper River Alaska Pictures, Part Two

  1. Anna @ NorthernHomestead

    Wow, how beautiful! What a great way to enjoy Gods creation!

  2. Paula Parker

    Wow! Majestic! It looks like so much fun. Everything taste better when you cook it outdoors too. Glad you had a fun time!

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