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Free Organic Fish Fertilizer for the Garden

One of my favorite books growing up was a book about Squanto, the American Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to garden. I loved that book and read it many, many times. I’ve never forgot how he taught the Pilgrims to plant corn. Following his advice, I used free organic fish fertilizer in the greenhouse. … Continue reading »

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My EarthWay Garden Seeder

I got an EarthWay Garden Seeder for Christmas this last year, and this spring, I finally got to put it to use.   My mom told me about one my uncle has last spring, and I loved the idea of something that I would just roll along and it would plant my seeds, perfectly spaced … Continue reading »

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Honey I Shrunk the Tomatoes or How to Plant Tomatoes

I finally got the tomatoes planted in the greenhouse. They were getting tall and spindly and needed to be planted. Oops, Honey, I shrunk the tomatoes!   This year we’re growing four types of tomatoes, Subarctic, Glacier, Black Cherry, and Black Prince. The Subarctic and Glacier can both be grown outside, so the majority of … Continue reading »

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A New Roof on the Greenhouse

We finally got a permanent roof on the greenhouse! No more torn up plastic flapping in the wind. The greenhouse looks great and holds in the heat perfectly. Last year, after we built the greenhouse, due to time and money issues, we covered the roof frame with a large sheet of plastic and stapled it … Continue reading »

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Growing Fruit in Alaska

I finished my Alaska Master Gardeners course today, about… one hour ago. It was such a great class and I learned so much! I now get to do 40 hours of volunteer work in the community to officially become an “Alaskan Master Gardener.” One if the biggest advantages I got from this class was the … Continue reading »

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Must Have Gardening Books For Cold Climates

Gardening in Alaska isn’t easy. For one thing, the State is huge. Lay it over the United States and it reaches coast to coast. So we cover a lot of gardening zones. Down in the southeast, our State capital, Juneau, gets an average of 62.24 inches of rain every year. Up on the north coast, … Continue reading »

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Gardening God’s Way Part Two

I want to know all I can learn about Gardening God’s Way. How does He want us to tend His garden, to plant to His glory? Like I said in my previous post… Years ago, long before I knew I’d be striving towards the “homestead life,” I heard Brother Kenneth Copeland say something. It was … Continue reading »

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Gardening God’s Way Part One

Ask any gardener or farmer how to grow a garden, and you’ll get a different answer from each one. I’m in the middle of my Alaska Master Gardener course, and I’m loving it. I’m learning a lot, but through it all, I really want to know how to do one thing. I want to know … Continue reading »

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10 Garden Tips for Zone 4

Gardening in Alaska can be quite the feat. Not only are we in the far, frozen north, but the State itself is almost as large as the “Lower 48” put together, hence splitting the State into several gardening zones. Toss in the northern most rain forest, arctic tundra, mountains, hurricane force winds, blizzards, months with … Continue reading »

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Southcentral Alaska Seed Planting Calendar Zone 4

Gardening in Alaska is a special challenge. Granted our long days with lots of sunshine make for growing great veggies, but with an average of three frost-free months, we’ve got to move quickly.   Just like gardeners in the “Lower 48,” January hits and Alaskan start dreaming of spring and their future garden. Seed catalogs … Continue reading »

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