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Best Blogs for Zone 4 Gardening (and colder!)

Posted by on April 6, 2017

Zone 4 gardening is a tough gig. The sub-zero temperatures of winter put a big damper on what perennials will survive in your garden or orchard. Stick that Zone 4 in Alaska and you add extra long winter, sunlight ranging from 19+ hours to less than 4 per day, the occasional summer that never gets warmer that 56 degrees… It’s challenging to say the least. But the good news is there are lots of bloggers out there that have been there, done that, and wrote about it to help you out!

The Best Blogs for Zone 4 Gardening and colder! - IdlewildAlaskaThe Best Blogs for Zone 4 Gardening

Scott over at North Country Farmer has an amazing set up over in northern New York. His dairy cows are gorgeous! Along with the cows and gardening, Scott also hunts, traps, and keeps bees. Be sure to check out his weekly radio show!

North Country Farmer

Walkerland is a fairly “new” homesteader, having started out on their journey in 2015, but their place is beautiful! Chickens, pigs, and a beautiful garden in New Brunswick. I’m having a blast following their story as they grow their homestead.



Salt in My Coffee (I love her blog name! Make sure you read how it came about– it’s a lovely story) is homesteading in Maine. I’m seriously jealous of their tomatoes- they’re amazing! And all heirloom!

Salt in My Coffee heirloom tomatoes

Ashley of Alaska Urban Hippie is a friend of mine living in the middle of Anchorage, Alaska. She has chickens, a garden, and fruit trees all in her yard! Not only is she a great go-to for zone 4 gardening, but she is an expert at homesteading no matter where you live! (Who needs lots of acreage to homestead?!?)

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Christ over at Joybilee Farm is actually in Zone 3! Her winters in British Columbia get cold, but she still finds a way to garden an provide for her family. She even grows lavender, something I never thought possible in Zone 4! I’m so excited to add some to my garden this spring.

Growing Lavendar in Zone 3 at Joybilee Farm

Northern Homestead is another Zone 3 homesteader. Residing in Alberta, Canada, their garden is amazing! Their blog covers everything from microclimates to permaculture. A wonderful resource for sure!

Northern Homestead's Geodome

Also from British Columbia is Country Living in a Cariboo Valley, another Zone 3er. Their homestead is absolutely picturesque. Their blog will take you from choosing and starting seeds all the way to selling it at a farmer’s market. Country Living in a Cariboo ValleySo no matter where you live, don’t let the fear of a cold climate keep you from gardening! It’s totally doable and there are lot of people out there who would love to help you with in your Zone 4 gardening.

Be sure to check out our Gardening Category for all our posts on gardening in Alaska!

The Best Blogs for Zone 4 Gardening - IdlewildAlaska


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