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Author Archives: IdlewildAlaska

About IdlewildAlaska

I'm an Alaskan wife with a dream of a self sufficient life and a love of reading, knitting, and painting. I love working in my home to become more self-sufficient and turning my little acre into a homestead!

Homemade Carolina Barbecue Deviled Eggs

Ah, Spring, when eggs flow abundantly and barbecue season is beginning. Deviled eggs are such a wonderful, easy side dish for barbecue get togethers and picnics. I’ve tried so many different recipes over the years, but I do believe I finally came up with my favorite – Carolina Barbecue Deviled Eggs. Peeling boiled fresh eggs … Continue reading »

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6 Things to Do in Alaska in May

Ah, May, when Spring in Alaska bursts into Summer. The birch trees have a purple glow and turn green overnight. Little green buds are starting to appear and are full blown leaves before you know it. That threat of fresh snow hasn’t quite left though. I’ve seen fresh snow on the ground as late as … Continue reading »

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Hiking the Chilkoot Trail – Preparation

Total honesty here. At 5’4″ and not too long ago hitting the 202 mark on the scale, I’m out of shape. It’s something I’ve wanted to change (like so many of us) for quite sometime, but the motivation has been lacking. A couple weeks ago, my cousin mentioned a dream of hiking the Chilkoot Trail, … Continue reading »

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Foraging in Alaska – Spring

Foraging in Alaska may seem impossible to those who haven’t been here long. Long, cold, dark winters with seemingly no life make it a tough landscape. But underneath all that snow, Alaska is an amazing food source for those who know what they are looking for. But be prepared. With the abundance of food in … Continue reading »

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Best Blogs for Zone 4 Gardening (and colder!)

Zone 4 gardening is a tough gig. The sub-zero temperatures of winter put a big damper on what perennials will survive in your garden or orchard. Stick that Zone 4 in Alaska and you add extra long winter, sunlight ranging from 19+ hours to less than 4 per day, the occasional summer that never gets … Continue reading »

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6 Things to Do in Alaska in April

The first day of Spring may be March 21st, but spring in Alaska really starts in April. The snow and ice start melting at a rapid pace, the days are becoming longer quickly, and a few buds are starting to make their appearance. Get out and enjoy this glorious weather with these 6 things to … Continue reading »

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Your Choice of Chick Brooders for Spring

Ah, Spring. That time of year when fuzzy baby chicks flood the feed stores and chicks go to new homes on impulse buys. I admit- I’ve been known to surprise the hubby with a few new chicks “just because.” But I also knew I had a ready to go chick brooder box for them. Buying … Continue reading »

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5 Tools Every Gardener Needs and You Do Too

Do you ever go to the hardware store and stop to drool over all the beautiful, shiny gardening tools? It is so easy to get sucked into the newest tool that will change gardening as you know it, that new tool that will do it all, to fill your garden shed with tools that you … Continue reading »

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6 Things to Do in Alaska in March

Ah, March in Alaska. Not quite freezing cold winter, but not spring time either. It’s a month full of fresh snow, warm sunny days, and the perfect weather for getting outside for all those amazing winter sports. Check out theseĀ 6 Things to Do in Alaska in March. 6 Things to Do in Alaska in March … Continue reading »

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So You Want to Live Off Grid

The hubby and I have a dream- a dream to someday live off grid. Completely off grid. The idea of having the freedom and independence that only comes from not having to rely on any other person is glorious to us. We want to have a cabin in a remote part of Alaska where we … Continue reading »

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