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Alaska Fine Art and Calendar – Just in time for Christmas!

Posted by on September 28, 2016

After a long quiet stint on the blog, we return with news! Our little homestead has now branched out and decided start selling Alaska! Well, Alaska Fine Art and Calendar. Alaska is such a photogenic place. It makes it easy to show off!

Order your Alaska Fine Art and Calendar today! - IdlewildAlaska

Shortly after we were married, the hubby and I ended up moving out of Alaska to the south eastern Lower 48. Neither of us were too thrilled about leaving Alaska, but sometimes that’s just the way life goes. While we were there, my parents sent us a beautiful print by a local photographer of the Knik Glacier, the glacier I grew up looking at. We promptly framed the print and hung it above our bed. It was a wonderful reminder of home.


Over the years I’ve taken thousands of pictures of Alaska. The mountains, the glaciers, the animals, the sunsets, the Northern Lights… Like I said, Alaska is very photogenic. It’s hard not to take lots of pictures, even when you’ve lived here your whole life.

Order your copy of Knik Glacier Fine Art today! - IdlewildAlaska

Fine Art Prints

Many of the Fine Art prints I am now offering on the blog are of the Knik Glacier. Between four-wheeler trips up the frozen Knik River in the dead of winter and boat trips in the summer, I’ve been able to get countless pictures. The stunning blues and whites are always breathtaking. The surrounding mountains inspire you to explore the unknown. My parents are incredibly blessed with a perfect view of this glacier from their kitchen window (and their rental cabin, The Johnson House!). Show me a picture of the Knik and it brings me home every time.

The Fine Art prints are available in several sizes; 5×7, 8×12, 11×14, 12×18, 16×20, and 20×30. They are printed with the highest quality and will frame up beautifully. (Sorry, I don’t have framed prints available at this time. Maybe someday.) See the full gallery HERE.

They are also available on canvas! Ready to hang, these Alaskan pictures are stunning on canvas. These are a full-wrap canvas, meaning the picture itself will wrap around the edge of the canvas, about an inch and a half. The canvases are available in three sizes; 12×16, 16×20, and 20×30. Check out all your options on the full gallery.

You may notice a watermark on the pictures in the gallery. Please know this will not be present on the final product.

Get you 2017 Alaska Calendar from IdlewildAlaska today!

2017 Alaska Calendar

Not only are we offering the Fine Art prints, but we also have a gorgeous 2017 Alaska Wall Calendar available too! Some of the Fine Art prints are displayed in the calendar, but not all. Each month shows off a beautiful part of Alaska, while the month grid below tells you a bit about the picture and a bit of Alaska history (what happened on this day in Alaska history). These calendars will only be available through January 2017, so be sure to order your’s today! Order HERE.

Get your 2017 Alaska Calendar by IdlewildAlaska today!

Due to Alaska hiding out so far away, we ask that you allow up to two weeks processing and delivery time for each order. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on making these Christmas presents!

Know someone who traveled to Alaska? Did you take a vacation here? Keep that memory alive with a bit of Alaska in your home!

See the full gallery of Alaska Fine Art and Calendar and place your order today!

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And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting IdlewildAlaska!


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