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Alaska Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction

Posted by on April 14, 2016

I’ve been on a reading kick lately (when I’m not frantically trying to get all the spring chores done). I haven’t so much been in the mood to write, just read – anything and everything I can get my hands on. Between the fiction and non-fiction book reviews to bringing home stacks of books from our local library, I’ve been reading like crazy lately. I re-discovered the Alaska books section at the library and have been making my way through it and thought I’d share my finds with you. Check out My Bookshelf for more reading material too!

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. 

Alaska Books - Fiction and Non-Fiction - IdlewildAlaska

Fiction Alaska Books

Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series is such a fun read. I’ve read several of the series and enjoyed them all! (See my other review HERE.)

Alaskan Courage Series by Dani Pettrey - IdlewildAlaska

Sue’s mystery books are always a fun read.

Alaska Books - Murder on the Iditarod Trail - IdlewildAlaska

Have to include Jack London in any list of Alaska books!

Alaska Books - Call of the Wild - IdlewildAlaska

Louis L’Amour is by far my favorite author. I love everything he wrote!

Alaska Books - Sitka - IdlewildAlaska

This is the first book of a homesteading in Alaska trilogy. Great books by a local author!

Alaska Books - Trails - IdlewildAlaska



Non-Fiction Alaska Books

This is a great tale of a young man following his dream to Alaska long before it was a state.

Alaska Books - Go North Young Man - IdlewildAlaska

I actually read Winds of Skilak a while ago. This is a great story of a husband and wife coming to Alaska in search of fulfilling their homesteading dream. Read my full review HERE.

Winds of Skilak Book Review - IdlewildAlaska
The Alaska Homesteader’s Handbook was added to my homesteading bookcase as soon as I was able to get my hands on it. Not only is this little book chock full of homesteading tips, ideas, and stories, my neighbor is one of the featured homesteaders! She and her husband originally homesteaded our neighborhood before subdividing it years ago.

Alaska Books - The Alaska Homesteader's Handbook

This is the ultimate book for anyone who has ever dreamed about living off the land, building their own home, living in the Alaska wilderness, or just loves being drawn into a whole new world. Proenneke’s journals are wonderful reads! (The DVD’s area great too!)

Alaska Books - One Man's Wilderness - IdlewildAlaska

Great story of a very tough man who knew how to survive!

Alaska Books - Alaska's Wolf Man - IdlewildAlaska

If you’re thinking about bringing your family to visit the Last Frontier, AK on the Go is a must for you!

AK On the Go - The perfect Alaska travel book for people with kids!

I first read this book when I was an early teenager. I love the story! My grandparents actually got to meet “Tisha” many years ago. Wonderful, true story of love in Alaska.
Alaska Books - Tisha - IdlewildAlaska

Not suggested reading material while on a camping trip or even before you go hiking. Save this one for a winter read, so the stories won’t be quite so vivid during your summer hikes… (Be safe out there!)

Alaska Books - Alaska Bear Tales - IdlewildAlaska

A fun collection of the myths and spooky stories of Alaska.

Alaska Books - Strange Stories of Alaska and the Yukon - IdlewildAlaska

I love reading Dolly’s descriptions of her homestead. Beautiful!

Alaska Books - Forty Years in the Wilderness

A great story of traveling the Alaska wilderness! Her follow up “Arctic Son” is good too.

Alaska Books - Arctic Daughter - IdlewildAlaska


Children’s Alaska Books

I have always loved Alaska’s Three Bears. It’s a must for every Alaskan child or child who dreams of Alaska or the wilderness. Written by an Alaskan author, the story is fun and the illustrations are beautiful!

Alaska Books - Alaska's Three Bears - IdlewildAlaska

Another fun one for the kiddos.

Alaska Books - Alaska ABC Book - IdlewildAlaska

Another one of my favorites as a child.

Alaska Books - Alaska Mother Goose - IdlewildAlaska

LOVE Barbara Lavallee’s illustrations!

Alaska Books - Mama Do You Love Me? - IdlewildAlaska

I love this one! Libby Riddles was an amazing woman!

Alaska Books - Danger the Dog Yard Cat - IdlewildAlaska

My cousin’s little girl LOVES this one!

Alaska Books - Sitka Rose - IdlewildAlaska

By the same author who wrote “My Side of the Mountain,” you know it’s a good book!

Alaska Books - Julie of the Wolves - IdlewildAlaska


On My “Books To Read” List

Alaska Books - A Woman Who Went to Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Books - The Final Frontiersman - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Books - IdlewildAlaska

I found First Wilderness, by the author who wrote One Man’s Wilderness, at a local bookstore not too long ago. I can’t wait to dive into it!

Alaska Books - First Wilderness - IdlewildAlaska
Alaska Books - Connie Morgan in Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Books - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Books - Alaska The Great Country

Alaska Books - Alaska Bush Mother - IdlewildAlaska


Do you have a favorite book about Alaska? Share in the comments below. I’m always looking for more to add to my “To Read” list!


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6 Responses to Alaska Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction

  1. Connie

    As a fellow Alaskan, I would add Dana Stabenow’s Kate Shugak series. Also, any of Jim Rearden’s books are a great look into Alaska’s history. There are several on your list that I will have to check out. Thanks for the recommendations. So many books, so little time.

  2. Carol Cook

    This post makes me want to read up on Alaska and then make a visit.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Andrea

    I also love the Seldovia Sam series for kids. Fun stories about things Alaskan kids have experience with!

  4. Karen

    I see you have Sue Henry but didn’t notice Dana Stabenow. I love her mystery books.

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