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A Hygge Home – Decorating for Coziness

Posted by on January 10, 2017

On my DIY Blanket Ladder post, I mentioned discovering Danish hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh). It’s all things cozy, warm, happy, friendly, etc. etc. For our dark Alaskan winters, I decided I needed to turn our cabin into a hygge home.

The Hygge Home - Decorating for Coziness - IdlewildAlaskaHygge, according to Denmark, is “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” This, of course, means different things for different people. For the hubby and I, it means roaring fires in the woodstoves, candles everywhere, warm blankets and pillows on hand, good food, good drinks, and each others company. (We’re both pretty strong introverts…)



In my quest to make our cabin a hygge home, I did a bit of shopping and lots of hunting through things we already have around the homestead.

Lighting in the Hygge Home

If you do an internet search about hygge decorating, you’ll see a huge part of it is candles. There isn’t much that gives off that “cozy” vibe more than candles. I bought several unscented white candles to put everywhere and cleaned up our kerosene lantern. I have to be careful where I put the candles however. Living in a log home, for one, makes you careful with open flames. Having three large, loveable, clumsy dogs also makes you careful. To get the same feeling, but more safe, I bought a couple boxes of LED flameless candles to put around our newly hygge home.

Candles in the hygge home - IdlewildAlaska

I also strung a couple of strands of various lights. One set was a gift from a family member years ago. The other I got on sale a few weeks ago. Both of these give off soft glows and aren’t so “Christmas-y” that I can’t leave them up all winter. (You’ll hear a lot of Alaskans tell you we don’t put up Christmas lights – we put up winter lights.)

We love using both of our woodstoves. Not only does it help with the heating oil bill, but both our stoves have window doors. This gives off not only heat, but a warm and cozy light too. If you don’t have woodstoves or a fireplace, there are “fireplace” DVD’s and a couple “fireplace movies” on Netflix and Hulu.


Plushness in the Hygge Home

Anyone will agree that if something is cozy, there are usually pillows and blankets involved. Not only do I now have all my wool blankets on display (and within easy reaching distance) thanks to my new DIY blanket ladder, but I also pulled out all my throw pillows and even bought a new one. A few of my pillows are more for spring décor, so I’m planning on knitting some plush covers for them. (I’ll let you know when I’m done and share my pattern!) I would really like to add a fur pillow or two also, but I’m either going to wait for a sale or to make my own. We’ll see what happens first.

Warm blankets and soft lights for a hygge home - IdlewildAlaska

One of my favorite additions so far is the super cushy, fuzzy bedspread I found for our master bedroom. The hubby loves it too. I was thrilled to find it on sale at our local home and grocery store (Fred Meyers for you West Coasters…) It’s short faux fur on the underside and red and black plaid on the top- which is like a long velvet. Super hygge!

Bring Nature Inside Your Hygge Home

Whether it’s Christmas trees, wreaths, flowers, or house plants, people have been bringing nature inside as long as we can remember. In northern countries, doing this in the winter with furs and evergreens is always popular. When I was little, my mom would bring in birch or willow branches and put them in water. Within a week or two, we’d have little green buds and leaves to brighten up our winter days.

I cut a bunch of willow branches of various lengths. The tall ones are on a vase on the floor and the shorter ones are in a vase on our dining room table. They are all covered in pussy willows and I’m hoping for leaves soon.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw that I was bleaching an old caribou skull I found last summer. I love European mounts, which is the skull and antlers of deer, moose, caribou, etc. This mount is now hung these in our living room. I have another mount to hang, but it needs some work first.

Bring nature inside for a hygge home - IdlewildAlaska

I really want to get a sheepskin rug for the cabin. Costco has them sometimes, so I’ll be keeping an eye out. I’m also hoping to have the hide completely tanned from the caribou the hubby got this past fall. However, this project has been on hold since winter hit, as my workshop isn’t heated (yet!).

How are you creating a hygge home? Comment below! Want a blanket ladder of your own? See how I made my own here!


A Hyggee Home - Decorating for Coziness - IdlewildAlaska

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5 Responses to A Hygge Home – Decorating for Coziness

  1. kelly

    You always post such great and interesting things…. please don’t give it up!!

  2. Hannah

    The hygge is such a great idea for Alaskan living. We’ve only been in our new house for about 5 months, and because the school owns it we are limited on long-term changes, but the ideas you showed are totally doable for our purposes. I especially LOVE that blanket ladder. I could definitely see using that in our home.

  3. Rhonda

    I love the idea about the birch and willow branches. Brilliant! I will do that. My houseplants tend to die slow deaths. I can grow anything outside but once it crosses the threshold, no promises! I use cool white lights as well to not have that “Christmasy” feel. Great tips.

  4. Liz

    So cool! I have never heard of this, but it’s definitely what I aim for in my home in winter! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

  5. Charlotte

    What a lovely idea. I love that there is a special name for creating a lovely, warm environment.

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