A Death on the Homestead

Late Tuesday night, our sweet Gurda passed away due to complications from an injury she got on Sunday afternoon. Even though we did everything we could, it was just too much for her. There’s nothing quite like a death on the homestead to make you open your eyes to the good and bad of this homesteading lifestyle.

Death on the Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

I’ve had pets pass away or had to be put down before, cats and dogs. It’s hard. You feel like you’ve lost a best friend. But when you’re a child, the care and safety of these pets often falls ultimately to your parents. When it’s an animal you’ve promised to care for and provide safety for, it becomes a whole different story.

I knew when the hubby and I decided to get into this life, there would be times like this. It’s part of the lifestyle, whether you raise animals for meat, dairy, or eggs. Death happens one way or another. Just because that animal is in your life as a working animal, an animal that provides something for you and your family, it doesn’t make it any less hard when they die, either on purpose, by accident, or of old age.

There aren’t many homesteaders or farmers out there who will tell you it doesn’t effect them when they  decide to butcher an animal or have to put one down. Even those who have been doing it for years, it will still have an effect.

Elsa, the Saanen Goat - IdlewildAlaska

Elsa got a new sweatshirt to help keep her warm while she was alone, but she shortly thereafter decided it wasn’t necessary.

But ultimately, you have to move on. Remember your other animals. This death will effect them too. Gurda left behind her daughter, Elsa. (Thankfully she has been weaned since before we got them.) We kept Elsa separated for the last part of Gurda’s night. It was hard on her and still is. She was now an only goat, something that most goats are not meant to be. They need one or several companions; they’re herd animals. The hubby and I put a lot of thought and discussion into what was best for Elsa. We knew she needed to be with other goats. We even considered giving her to someone with goats. But thankfully, some friends of ours just happened to have a young wether who needed a home.

George, the Dwarf Nigerian Goat - IdlewildAlaska

Meet George the Goat. He’s a dwarf Nigerian, who’s about 6 months old, and a perfect little buddy for Elsa. They’re getting along wonderfully already.

It can be tough for a while, but life continues on the homestead.


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Homestead Blog Hop #15

 Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop…

Winter is finally upon us. We’ve got about 6 inches of snow (still not enough, but better than nothing) and it’s been well below zero degrees so far this week. I admit, I do love the cold. It makes the mountain views crystal clear. Beautiful! I got to spend the night at The Johnson House Cabin on Sunday night. Waking up to a gorgeous red sunrise over a glacier is breathtaking! See my pics here!

Homestead Blog Hop | IdlewildAlaska

Now on to the hop…

Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday and is for all things homesteading: real food recipes, farm animals, crafts, DIY, how-to’s, gardening, anything from-scratch, natural home/health, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, natural remedies, essential oils, & more! Basically anything related to homesteading.

Meet the Hosts!

Jen- The Easy Homestead

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Angi- A Return to Simplicity

Kelly- Simple Life Mom

Amanda- Idlewild Alaska (That’s me!)

Lindsey- Chickadee Homestead

Nicole- Little Blog on the Homestead

Bonnie- The Not So Modern Housewife

Featured Posts from the Last Homestead Blog Hop

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Well, let’s see what’cha got!

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A Night at The Johnson House Cabin

I got to stay at the most beautiful place last night. The Johnson House Cabin. Waking up to a glorious red sunrise over the glacier, isn’t that everyone’s dream vacation?

A Night at The Johnson House Cabin - IdlewildAlaska

The Cabin is a perfect getaway for a single person or a couple. (Can you say dream honeymoon spot?) This is off-the-grid, Alaskan “glamping” at it’s finest.

The Johnson House - IdlewildAlaska

This cozy Cabin has everything you need, a comfy double bed, a built in kitchen with everything you need (including breakfast items!), and views that just won’t stop. (And soft and comfy bathrobes and slippers too!)

Alaskan Getaway Cabin - IdlewildAlaska

Off the Grid Kitchen - IdlewildAlaska

The kitchen has everything you would need, whether your just making breakfast (breakfast food items are included in the room price), or you bring your own food to cook up. The safe induction burner works beautifully. Even though there’s no running water in the cabin, plenty of water is stocked and there is still a kitchen sink. Breakfast items may vary, whether it’s farm fresh eggs, homemade muffins, toast, OJ, tea, coffee, fresh fruit, and more! There is also a small fridge in the cabin for keeping things cold.

You may be wondering about the no running water part… Not to worry. Like I said, this is off-the-grid, Alaskan glamping at its finest. The Cabin has it’s own private, heated (!) outhouse just a few steps away. This is no average nasty outhouse either! With no neighbors to worry about, it’s a seat with a view of the nearby Knik Glacier, and should the view get boring (ha!), there’s lots to read.

Alaskan Outhouse - IdlewildAlaska

Inside picture courtesy of The Johnson House.

The Cabin sits on the top of a steep hill overlooking the Knik River Valley and Glacier. It is so very peaceful and quiet, you’ll feel like you’re the only person on earth. The Knik Glacier is only 20 miles up the river, and the view is phenomenal. Last night was so crystal clear, the stars were amazing. The Northern Lights made a bit of an appearance, giving a green glow over the mountains across the valley, but they weren’t quite right for pictures. You’re just going to have to come see them yourselves sometime. :)

Stars over The Johnson House, Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Knik River Valley - IdlewildAlaska

Sunrise was so breathtaking. I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Alaskan Cabin Rental - IdlewildAlaska

Alaskan Sunrise - IdlewildAlaska

Knik Glacier Sunrise - IdlewildAlaska

The Cabin is in such a great location too. Even though it will make you seem like you’re miles and miles away from anyone, it’s easily accessible. Only 40 miles north of Anchorage, it’s a great getaway from the city or a great layover while touring the State! The town of Palmer is less than 20 miles away with restaurants and small town shopping. The Cabin also makes a great “home base” for people looking to enjoy Alaska’s great outdoors. There are trails all over the mountains for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and sledding. The Knik River Public Use area is at your feet when you stay at the Cabin, great for cross country skiing, salmon fishing, motorized activities, and more.

The area is teaming with wildlife. Moose, black bears, lynx, wolverine, wolves, and coyotes have all been seen. Not to mention the eagles, chickadees, grosbeak, and Alaskan ravens. The Trumpeter Swans use the Knik River Valley as part of their annual migration route every spring and fall and often nest is the surrounding lakes.

The Johnson House Cabin Rental - IdlewildAlaska

This place is going to stay busy! Don’t miss your chance to stay at this amazing Cabin. Follow The Johnson House on Facebook. Call (907) 745-7425 and book your reservation today! Spots are filling fast!

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