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Homestead Blog Hop | Idlewild Alaska

I think the Lower 48 has stolen winter. I keep seeing pictures of lovely snow and winter storms. Whereas here in Alaska, it was 50 degrees last night and the south wind was howling. Here’s hoping for snow for Christmas!

Now on to the hop…

Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday and is for all things homesteading: real food recipes, farm animals, crafts, DIY, how-to’s, gardening, anything from-scratch, natural home/health, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, natural remedies, essential oils, & more! Basically anything related to homesteading.

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Jen- The Easy Homestead

Jenna- The Flip Flop Barnyard

Bonnie- The Not So Modern Housewife

Amanda- Idlewild Alaska (Me!)

Lindsey- Chickadee Homestead

Nicole- Little Blog on the Homestead

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Fluffy Corn Free Marshmallows with Coconut Sugar - Homestead Blog Hop - IdlewildAlaska

1. Fluffy Corn-Free Marshmallows with Coconut Sugar by Allergy Free Alaska.

Paper Pulp Fire Bricks - Homestead Blog Hop - IdlewildAlaska

2. Paper Pulp Fire Bricks by Lone Star Farmstead

Is Your Food Really Organic? Homestead Blog Hop - IdlewildAlaska

3. Is Your Food Really Organic? by The Farmer’s Lamp

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Over 35 Christmas Gifts for the Rugged Man

Alright, ladies, I’m sure many of you are right there with me. Christmas is coming, and what on earth are we supposed to by for our Rugged Man Homesteaders? Is it just me, or are guys hard to shop for? (Or is it just that they go shop for themselves the month and days before Christmas? Stop that!)

35+ Christmas Gifts for the Rugged Man - IdlewildAlaska

After asking the hubby and getting the typical, “I dunno” response of what he wants for Christmas, I decided to search the all-knowing internet for help.

It did me very little good.

I can guarantee my rugged homesteader man does NOT want ties (which he doesn’t wear), cuff links (which he doesn’t wear), or a shaving kit (he’s not shaving that beard anytime soon, and I don’t want him to!). So I asked my fellow homesteaders. They came up with some great ideas! So here’s a great list of…

Over 35 Christmas Gifts for the Rugged Man


Wood working tools, big or small such as a table saw, a nice hammer, or a new tool belt (If you’re not sure what your guy would want, hint around or take him to a hardware store and watch to see what he drools over.)

Heavy duty and/ or insulated work gloves

Insulated coveralls for working and/ or hunting

What to Buy Your Guy for Christmas - IdlewildAlaska

Smart Wool socks

Fleece lined work pants

Insulated rubber boots (Like Bogs)

Anything flannel

A dehydrator

Heavy duty vacuum sealer

Pressure canner

Christmas Gifts for Men - IdlewildAlaska

Cast iron cookware

Grinder/ sausage maker

Bar-B-Que Grill

Heavy duty thermos

To-Go coffee mug (Have you seen these one’s from REI? They’re amazing! They hold up to almost anything!)

Gift cards to Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Bass Pro Shop, etc.

Tools, whether garden or mechanical

Heavy duty machete

An ax for getting to work on the wood pile.

Cant hook

Manly Christmas Gifts - IdlewildAlaska

Skidding tongs

Alaskan Mill MK III (This just may be on my Christmas list too…)

Christmas Gifts Men Want - IdlewildAlaska

Chainsaw, or if he already has one, new chains or a sharpener would be great stocking stuffers!

Hunting gear

Ammunition (Not sure what to get? Take a pic with your phone of ammo boxes he already has or the gun itself. The guys at the counter will usually be happy to help you get the right stuff!)

Fishing Gear (A great tip- if you’re not sure what to get him, check his tackle box and see what he has and is getting worn out!)

Pocket knife


Hunting knife

Real Gifts for Men - IdlewildAlaska


This way-cool Gerber Hunting Myth Hatchet (Not only is it a hatchet, it can be used to skin out a moose too!)

Need help with what to buy your man for Christmas? - IdlewildAlaska

Bungee cords or tie-down straps

Beard oil or soap – Who needs a shaving kit!

Cornhuskers Hand Lotion

Gifts for Guys - IdlewildAlaska

Specialty coffee

Tickets to a local sports team or concert

Musical instrument- If there’s something he’s always wanted to learn, new guitar strings, harmonicas, etc.

Golf or other sport accessories

And you’re probably pretty safe with anything related to bacon…


Many of these would work as stocking stuffers too! Need some more ideas? Check out Pantry Paratus’ online store! is also another great place to look too!

What’s going under the tree for your Rugged Man this Christmas?


Thanks to …

Survival At Home

Letters From Sunnybrook

J&J Acres

Tenth Acre Farm

Common Sense Homesteading

Pantry Paratus

The Untrained Housewife

Country Living Family

Homestead Chronicles

Mom Prepares

Lonestar Farmstead

Rural Economist

Daddykirbs Farm

Spring Mountain Living

Imagin Acres

Pasture Deficit Disorder

Alderman Farms

Simple Life Mom

Heather’s Wannabe Homestead

Single Sustainable Mom

Bean and Bee

Countrified Hicks

…for all the great ideas!

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Road Trip to Seward Alaska

I typically work on Saturdays, so the hubby and I really only have one day off together, but thanks to Veteran’s Day, we had two whole days off! (Thank you to all who served!) We decided to make the most of it and take a Road Trip to Seward Alaska.

Road Trip to Seward Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Seward is a small fishing town on the coast of the Prince William Sound. It’s about a three hour drive from the homestead and one of the prettiest drives in the State! Even with partly cloudy weather, it was a gorgeous day for a drive!

Turnagain Arm Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Turnagain Arm, heading south from Anchorage.

The wind was still howling along the Arm thanks to Typhoon Nuri, and there were a few rain showers, but they gave us some lovely rainbows!

Turnagain Arm Rainbow - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center - IdlewildAlaska The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is always a fun stop with bears, moose, eagles, elk, musk oxen, and more, but we just peeked at buffalo as we drove by this time.

Seward Highway - IdlewildAlaska

This is one of the hubby’s favorite spots along the drive.

Seward - IdlewildAlaska

It was a bit cloudy in Seward, but it wasn’t raining, so we took a nice little stroll along the beach.

Seward Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Roadtrip to Seward Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Beach on Seward Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Prince William Sound - IdlewildAlaska

Once again thanks to Typhoon Nuri, tons of starfish were washed up along the tide line. I had never seen so many in one spot! It was mainly the two kinds pictured here, ranging from the size of a silver dollar to much larger than the hubby’s hand.

Alaskan Starfish - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Starfish - IdlewildAlaska

This waterfall is along the drive from downtown out to Lowell Point.

Waterfall in Seward Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Seward Harbor - IdlewildAlaska

The Seward Harbor, as viewed from our hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express (gotta take advantage of that hot tub!)

Our family adores Seward, any time of the year, in any weather. We typically have an annual camping trip out along the beach with a bunch of cousins and dogs in the summer, and it’s one of my parent’s favorite snowmachining spots in the winter.

In the summer, it can be crazy busy with cruise ships full of tourists coming in, half the population of Alaska heading there for the 4th of July for the Mt. Marathon run, and a great fishing season. The Alaska SeaLife Center is open all year long, but tends to run specials for Alaskan locals for part of the winter.

In the winter, it becomes a quiet little town with only a few restaurants open, with a snug, quiet, quaint feeling for the locals to recover from a busy summer.

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