Hunting the Denali Highway Trip 2

Since the caribou weren’t around yet for our first hunting the trip, and the one legal bull moose we saw got away, we decided to make a quick run back up to the family cabin on the Denali Highway Friday night, try again, and return on Sunday. We at least saw a few more caribou this time, but they were far to far out of range to shoot or even catch up to, and we didn’t see a single legal moose. Drat.

Fall Colors on the Denali Highway - idlewildAlaska

But the season does continue and we may try another area this coming Saturday, but we’ll see. Even with no critters, the fall colors were amazing and it was a great trip. Any time spent on the Denali Highway is well worth it.

Hunting in Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Hubby on the lookout.

The snow that showed up last time (just two weeks ago) had all melted away. Instead of chilly weather in the 30’s and 40’s, this trip was beautiful with weather in the 50’s and 60’s.

Fall Colors in Alaska - IdlewildAlaska


Fall Photos of the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska The trip wasn’t a bust for everyone. My 10-year-old little brother got his first, second, and third ptarmigan. He had some of it for dinner on Saturday and took the rest home to Mom.

Hunting Denali - IdlewildAlaska

Beats any day in the office!

Denali Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

The view from our cabin.

Fall in Alaska - IdlewildAlaska The rainbows followed us home. Until next year, Denali!



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Hunting the Denali Highway Alaska

The hubby and I headed up to our family’s cabin on the Denali Highway looking for a moose and/ or caribou to add to the freezer for the coming winter months. I’ve driving the long 5 hour drive to the cabin since I was very young. I love this area more than any other part of Alaska; I always have and always will.

Hunting on the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

We were a little early for the caribou, and we saw a few cow moose (not legal for hunting). We saw one bull moose, but lost him in the dense woods. Good news is the season isn’t over yet. The hubby is thinking about going back up over the weekend to see what he can find. So we still have a few options for filling the freezer.

We still had a great time up there. I love it so much. The weather was beautiful (for the most part), and I got a lot of great pics. Enjoy!

Driving to the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

Heading up.

Alaska Railroad - IdlewildAlaska

We passed the train on our way up.

The Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

Exploring the Denali Highway - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

Alaska's Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

Fresh Fall Snow - IdlewildAlaska

It snowed on us the second night, but only stuck to the tops of the mountains.

Alaska Snow - IdlewildAlaska

Denali Alaska Mountains - IdlewildAlaska

Hunting Alaska - IdlewildAlaska

Panoramic Alaska

Like I said, I love this area. I can’t wait to get back up next summer. Subscribe below to keep seeing pics of our Great State!

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Homesteading Etsy Shops

Have you discovered Etsy yet? It’s this great website that is full of individually owned little “shops,” all online. You can find homemade items, vintage items, and craft supplies.

Homesteading Etsy Shops - IdlewildAlaska

Many fellow homesteaders supplement their income with homesteading Etsy shops. I myself one too, although I admit there’s only one item in it at the moment. (Hand-knit to-go coffee cup cozy, anyone? Click HERE to see it.) I thought I’d share some of my favorite shops with you!

Coop Herbal Salve N’ Soap

This great little shop offers “Old Fashioned Natural Sundries N’ Herbal Products.”

Coop Herbal Salve N' Soap - IdlewildAlaska

Coop Herbal Salve N’ Soap

CoopHerbalSalveNSoap was born as a natural evolution of a very down to Earth relationship between two Grandmothers, Debbie and Lawana, who both desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring blessings to our families and the struggling rural community in which we live. The name is a play on words inspired by the renovation of a physical chicken coop to be used as a co-op for our products and as a gathering and market place for our friends and neighbors.”

Click HERE to visit Coop Herbal Salve N’ Soap.

Timber Creek Farm

Timber Creek Farm Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Timber Creek Farm

Welcome to Timber Creek Farm. This is the first public offering of our homegrown wool and handmade yarn. For more information on our practices, we invite you to visit us at We are a sustainable homestead farm where the animals are lovingly cared for, by our family. “

Click HERE to visit Timber Creek Farm.

Acorn Hill Handcrafts

Acorn Hill Handcrafts is inspired by our connection to the forest and prairie surrounding our NE Missouri homestead. We work with a variety of natural materials to offer items of function and beauty.”

Acorn Hill Handcrafts Etsy shop - IdlewildAlaska

Acorn Hill Handcrafts

Acorn Hill has the most beautiful handcrafted wood crafts, including cutting boards, servers, and watercolor holders.

Click HERE to visit Acorn Hill Handcrafts. 

Halfway Oak Farm

Halfway Oak Farm Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Halfway Oak Farm

“Halfway Oak Farm and Soap strives to use the best ingredients and materials to make the best possible soaps for our customers and for ourselves. We make soaps in small batches on a regular basis so there is always something new, and the soaps are always fresh and fragrant – nothing stale or near expiration will ever be sent to customers.”

Click HERE to visit Halfway Oak Farm.

Free Range Farm

“At Free Range Farm we offer a herbal salves and lip balms in a variety of flavors, as well as farm products such as fiber, dried herbs, and other handcrafted farm items.”

Free Range Farm Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Free Range Farm

Click HERE to visit Free Range Farm.

Montana Solar Creation

Montana Solar Creations Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Montana Solar Creations

Everything we create is offset by an array of solar panels on our roof. We are currently moving and do not have solar panels installed at our new home yet. Therefore our made to order items will temporarily not be made with solar power. Read more about our new homestead and stay updated on our solar panel installation project on our blog”

Click HERE to visit Montana Solar Creation.

Homesteader Gifts

We love creating unique gift items and accessories designed especially for homesteaders, farmers, and gardeners like ourselves. In our farm workshop, we can also customize items with individual names, your farm logo, family photos, even children’s artwork.”

Homesteader Gifts on Etsy - IdlewildAlaska

Homesteader Gifts

Click HERE to visit Homesteader Gifts.

The Fewell Homestead

“Handmade goods, photography + design for the homestead.”

Fewell Homestead Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Fewell Homestead

Click HERE to visit the Fewell Homestead.

Chicken Lips Farm

Chicken Lips Farm Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Chicken Lips Farm (Gotta love the name!)

“Quilts, and other goodies, from the mountains of West Virginia.
I love to sew and have done so most of my life. I machine and hand piece and now I do my own quilting on my own long arm quilting machine. So much fun and such satisfaction in completing the process from beginning to end.”

Click HERE to visit the Chicken Lips Farm

Misfit Critter Farm


Misfit Critter Farm Etsy Shop - IdlewildAlaska

Misfit Critter Farm

Beautiful raw organic Alpaca fiber.

Click HERE to visit the Misfit Critter Farm.

Do YOU have a shop on Etsy? Share in the comments below!

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